VistaJet launches children’s travel programme

Global private aviation company VistaJet has launched ‘Adventures in the Sky’ an extensive travellers’ programme designed for children.

With one in four of VistaJet flights in 2017 having a child on board, the company says offering activities dedicated to young travellers is increasingly important.

Created for passengers from the ages of one to 16 years old, Adventures in the Sky will engage children with storytelling illustration books, personalised explorer backpacks and family activity hampers, and serviced by children-trained hostesses, offering them special menus and a host of interactive adventures.

At the forefront of ‘Adventures in the Sky’ is a series of themed parties, created in collaboration with event-planners Sharky and George, each activity is hosted on board by an expert team.

The experiences include ‘Alice in the Sky’ through which children are guided through the Alice in Wonderland story by a trained entertainer with children able to host their own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, play flamingo croquet and the Contrariwise game.

The ‘Movies in the Sky’ experience includes a film crew with camera, editing and green screen equipment so children can create their own movie from script writing and casting to make-up, acting, filming and special effects.

In ‘The Secret Mission’ programme children are guided by an in-flight ‘spy chief’ through an introduction into writing and decrypting code, taking fingerprints, crime scene techniques and secret messaging.

VistaJet has also created a series of activity packs. Explorer Backpacks are personalised to the child’s age and travel destination and designed to be used on board and after the flight. For the whole family, personalised Activity Hampers will be prepared with activities to create together.

For younger passengers, VistaJet has also created a series of six hand-illustrated sticker books where children can follow the adventures of protagonists Miloh and Scarlet. Working with illustrator Alexandra Ball, the book series recounts adventures that begin in popular cities and destinations and then travel to fantasy lands and include original narratives featuring the VistaJet Friends.

VistaJet’s Private Dining chefs have created a new menu to appeal to children from around the world with all dishes providing the healthy requirements expected by parents.

VistaJet has also taken the step to train all its cabin hostesses with the early years education and childcare institute, Norland College. The dedicated training programme covers child development and behaviours, understanding family dynamics and recognising times of need for families when travelling.

In a statement the company said: “VistaJet is the first private aviation company to take these steps, to provide the best service for every passenger.”

The additional children services are dedicated to VistaJet’s Programme members.

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