Virgin Australia launches nervous flyer programme

Virgin Australia has launched a programme to support nervous flyers on their journeys and in-flight.

In what the airline says is the first programme of its kind in Australia, nervous flyers can self-identify with the airline before they travel to receive support and encouragement prior to and on the day of the flight.

Once registered, passengers will receive a personalised email a week before they travel with the latest in-flight wellness research from Virgin Australia’s health and wellness partners.

The email will also contain some detail on the technical aspects of the airline’s operations, as research shows that if nervous flyers can understand what will happen during the flight, it can help them relax.

On the day of travel, customers who have registered as nervous flyers will be sent an encouraging text, and while onboard they will be able to access meditation activities on the in-flight entertainment system.

In an article on the Virgin Website, Stuart Aggs, acting chief operations officer at Virgin Australia said: “Our research tells us more than 11% of our guests experience high levels of nervousness about travelling, and that they want information and support to help them through their next flight. We’re always working to make flying as joyful and stress-free as possible, which is why we’re extremely proud to launch our Nervous Flyers programme.”

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