Virgin Atlantic to rollout in-flight Wi-Fi

Virgin Atlantic has announced its plan to invest over £300 million in the airline by 2018 in an attempt to both expand its network and improve the passenger experience, with the latter objective seeing on-board connectivity installed on the entire Virgin Atlantic fleet.

CEO of Virgin Atlantic Craig Kreeger says, “There will be a retrofit of Virgin Atlantic’s entire Heathrow fleet which will include the latest in in-flight entertainment,” as well as “a rollout across all aircraft of Wi-Fi connectivity.”

The airline is soon due to receive its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which will arrive equipped with in-flight Wi-Fi. The addition of the B787-9 to the airline’s fleet is part of a fleet modernisation programme of over £2 billion, and it appears the introduction of in-flight Wi-Fi on other jets is part of Virgin Atlantic’s desire to provide a consistent level of customer service.

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