Virgin America introduces new Nexus 7 ‘CrewPad’

Virgin America is replacing the existing devices used by its cabin crew with Google’s Nexus 7 tablets, in order to more efficiently operate the in-flight ‘food button’ service.

The Nexus 7’s will work in the same way as the previous tablets did, notifying flight attendants when passengers order food and drink via connection through Virgin’s Red in-flight entertainment system.

Virgin America claim the new Nexus 7 is a thinner, lighter and faster solution which offers a larger 7-inch touch screen.

The new name, ‘CrewPad’, was decided by Virgin America’s ‘Inflight Teammates’, some of whom were involved in the testing of the Nexus 7 over a 30-day period. Rollout is being completed immediately, with Virgin America encouraging passengers to see if they can spot one of the new tablets on their next flight.

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