US Mobile unveils in-flight Wi-Fi plans

Wireless carrier US Mobile is to launch unlimited Wi-Fi access in more than 120 countries and on 20 leading airlines (including American Airlines, Delta, Virgin America and others).

The company has announced a pricing structure starting at US$10/month for unlimited global and in-flight Wi-Fi.

“With more than 30 million hotspots in the US, customers can basically use our Wi-Fi plans everywhere; airports, trains, hotels, cafes, outdoors etc.,” said US Mobile’s founder and CEO, Ahmed Khattak. “Customers will also enjoy in-flight connectivity on all the major airlines at a more affordable price than what the airlines and other comparative services are offering. This Unlimited Wi-Fi plan is a game-changer when you travel abroad. Instead of paying for international roaming, which can be quite costly, you have a whole network of hotspots ready to be used anywhere in the world.”

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