United equips 100th aircraft with in-flight connectivity

United Airlines (United) has announced that the carrier has installed satellite Wi-Fi internet connectivity on its 100th aircraft.

United now claims to offer in-flight connectivity on more long-haul overseas flights than any other U.S.-based carrier, enabling customers throughout the aircraft to connect to the internet via their personal devices.

United is outfitting approximately 30 aircraft each month with satellite Wi-Fi technology and expects to have nearly 200 aircraft equipped with the service by the end of 2013. The airline currently offers satellite Wi-Fi on 13 Boeing 747 aircraft, which fly international routes to and from San Francisco, as well as routes to and from Los Angeles.

United also offers satellite Wi-Fi on more than half of its combined fleet of Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft, which operate in North America markets, and air-to-ground internet connectivity on its entire fleet of Boeing 757 transcontinental Premium Service aircraft, which operate between New York Kennedy and Los Angeles and San Francisco.

In addition, United currently offers live television as in-flight entertainment on 200 aircraft and plans to equip these with satellite Wi-Fi. The airline expects to introduce the first Boeing 737 aircraft into service equipped with Ka-band satellite technology later this year, as well as begin rolling-out Wi-Fi-enabled wireless entertainment during the same period. The airline expects to eventually have these services on more than 200 aircraft by mid-2014.

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