Two IDEAs for Integrated Smart Monitor

Teague, Panasonic Avionics and Weber Aircraft have won two International Design Excellence Awards (IDEAs) for the Integrated Smart Monitor, which was rated silver in the design research category and bronze for transportation.

Billed as the first fully integrated IFEC seat solution, the Integrated Smart Monitor combines a monitor and passenger seat purpose-built for each another. It is already in production.

Pansonic says it worked from the ground up with industrial design firm Teague and seat vendor Weber to create an integrated IFEC solution that would eliminate the weight, space and power draw issues that previously led airlines to resist seatback IFEC solutions for economy class. It describes the result as a next-generation, touch-screen monitor seamlessly integrated with an ultra-thin, lightweight economy seat.

"We recognize that cutting edge technology alone does not make a great product," says Panasonic CEO Paul Margis. "Great products are equally dependent on great design. We take design very seriously and are proud to have our efforts recognized."

Presented by the Industrial Designers Society of America, the awards credit Teague’s Joshua Maruska, Brandon Lynne and Youjin Nam, Mehdi Izadyar of Panasonic and Jeff Wegenka of Weber.

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