TrueNorth unveils Simphon? Pro

TrueNorth Avionics has launched its latest cabin communications system, Simphon? Pro, with a special upgrade program for legacy Simphon? product owners.
Building on TrueNorth’s Optelity Cabin Gateway, Simphon? Pro has advanced processing power and updated in-flight Wi-Fi capabilities – dual band (2.4 GHz/2.5 GHz) simultaneous 802.11 ac, plus standard 802.11 b/g/n – as well as high fidelity telephony with a full featured VoIP PBX. The system offers two Iridium voice channels.
“Our Simphon? Pro communications system makes good on our promise to streamline equipment upgrades,” commented Mark van Berkel, CEO of TrueNorth Avionics. “All that most owners will have to do is pull out the old system and plug in the new one — no additional wiring or configuration required.”
Steve Newell, TrueNorth’s CCO, expands, “We’ve taken advanced processors and technology and updated Simphon? Pro to give users even better performance in-flight. This new system is backed by STCs and is even more configurable than our previous Simphon? systems, making it even more adaptable to a variety of mission requirements.”
In addition, system purchasers have the option to buy an Optelity Care membership, which offers no questions asked returns, and covers all software and hardware upgrades. Simphon? Pro owners receive complimentary access to, the company’s bandwidth maximising service.

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