Transavia moves towards paperless cabin with ‘Connected Crew’

From April, Transavia crewmembers will begin using MI Airline’s ‘Connected Crew’ tablet solution, a sales module, document distribution system and passenger insight device integrated into one app, enabling the move towards a paperless cabin.
The sales module – equipped with a catalogue, shopping cart, and offline PCI-DSS compliant or certified EMV payment solutions – communicates with other onboard tablets, creating a constant updated sales overview for each flight attendant.
The ‘Crew Productivity’ module is an FAA compliant forms engine for distributing manuals, briefing documents and safety information. It can be connected with various airline document management systems and supports PDF, HTML, images and video.
In terms of passenger insight, ‘Connected Crew’ creates the opportunity to distribute CRM-enriched passenger name record (PNR) information to the crew securely. It also offers pre-order distribution, passenger profiling and passenger intelligence.
MI Airline has also confirmed that its AirFi Box will be deployed fleet-wide to support the cabin crew. Classified as a T-PED (Transmitting Personal Electronic Device), the AirFi Box offers multiplayer games, product catalogues, in-flight ordering, (miles) payment capabilities using ‘Connected Crew’, digital magazines and newspapers, surveys, group chat, high value targeted advertising, destination information, and basic flight information.
Although the in-flight entertainment capabilities of the AirFi Box won’t initially be available to Transavia’s passengers, MI Airline claims the airline may introduce this element of the product later on in 2015.

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