TopSeries IFE system for Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines has chosen Thales’s TopSeries in-flight entertainment system to be installed on the carrier’s 15 new A330s.Audio and Video On-Demand (AVOD) capability will be available throughout the aircraft and at each seat passengers will enjoy large, touch screen displays sizes – 15.4” in Business and 10.6” in Economy. Also, seats will include slim-line control units that support a range of advanced applications.Tim Tian from HNA Group’s purchasing department commented, “Thales is an excellent IFE Supplier in the industry. We work with them today and this programme will continue growing our solid relationship.”As part of the IFE system selection, Hainan Airlines opted for the ASXI moving map application that features various zoom levels of high-resolution maps as well as flight information pages that can be combined and scripted for the passenger experience. In addition, the airline chose the Thales eBook reader from which passengers can access a library of e-magazines, books and other publications.“Thales shares the vision that Hainan Airlines has for their airline,” declared Managing Director for the Thales In-flight Entertainment business, Alan Pellegrini. “Their 5 Star SkyTrac rating demonstrates their mandate to offer their customers an award winning experience. I am confident that our TopSeries system will deliver to this high standard as we continue to bring new capabilities to their fleet for year after year.”The first aircraft delivery is scheduled for early 2013 with the last mid-2015.

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