Thomson Airways to receive LED retrofit from STG Aerospace

STG Aerospace has been awarded a contract to retrofit nine Boeing 737NG aircraft and fourteen 757 aircraft operated by Thomson Airways with liTeMood – a programmable blue and white LED mood lighting system – to improve both operational efficiency and passenger experience.
“We’re thrilled to be the LED lighting of choice for Thomson Airways,” commented Marcus Williams, director of sales and marketing at STG Aerospace. “This retrofit programme expands our liTeMood product range across even more aircraft and shows that STG Aerospace is leading the way, not just in photoluminescent technology, but in all aspects of cabin lighting.”
liTeMood is supposedly 40kg lighter than original-fit fluorescent lighting and consumes 70% less power, which increases the aircraft’s fuel and electrical efficiency. The system also claims to be cost-effective as a result of increased reliability in comparison to traditional lighting methods, therefore reducing ongoing maintenance costs.
STG Aerospace’s liTeMood product is currently only available for retrofit on Boeing 737NG and 757 aircraft, with further developments in progress to include B767 and Airbus A320 jets.

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