Thales team to take GateSync forward

Thales, CSC and managed wireless networks specialist Proximetry have agreed to collaborate on GateSync, a new service that will enable airlines to wirelessly load and offload content and data while aircraft are on the ground.

Thales says GateSync will provide airlines with a fast, secure wireless transmission capability that optimises ground operations and personalisation of the passenger’s flying experience. Moving time-sensitive data such as the passenger manifest, daily news, meal inventories, surveys, crew logs and system performance data it should facilitate new efficiencies and capabilities.

“Our goal is to bring our IFE end-to-end solution to the next level, helping airlines manage information that impacts ground personnel, crew and the passenger experience,” says Alan Pellegrini, vice president and general manager of Thales’s In Flight Entertainment Systems business.

Proximetry’s contribution is its patented AirSync/GS wireless management software. “After years of successful deployment of our AirSync software suite in other industries like energy and public safety, we are elated to be part of a powerful team focused on the aerospace market, “ says Proximetry CEO Tracy Trent.

The ground-based infrastructure relies on CSC’s existing private backbone network for the deployment and management of data at airports around the world. “In effect, GateSync makes airplanes active nodes in the airline’s enterprise network allowing for an improved passenger experience and streamlined operations,” says Mary Jo Morris, president of CSC Technology and Consumer Group.

Onboard the aircraft, Thales provides GateSync components and integrates data to the TopSeries in-flight entertainment system.

Thales and Proximetry have been working on GasteSynch since 2005. Now, says Thales, having been field tested at three major airports and verified by a major equipment manufacturer and several airlines, the system is ready for broader deployment.

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