Thales and Siemens partner for wireless in-flight system

Thales has reached an agreement with Siemens Communications, Media and Technologies (Siemens CMT) on the development and testing of a new onboard wireless content distribution system to complement the Thales TopSeries product family.The solution integrates the Siemens Media4Sky onboard application to the TopSeries system, enabling passengers to receive streaming video, audio, and many other applications from the TopSeries digital server to their own mobile devices. The application also includes a business management system that supports payment processing, dynamic content storage for timely programmes such as news, and Customer Relationship Management.“The combination of the TopSeries hardware and Media4Sky applications bring together a contemporary, dynamic, user-friendly flying experience that will excite and engage all passengers,” commented Alan Pellegrini, Managing Director for the Thales In-flight Entertainment business “We are delighted to pursue this breakthrough initiative that is built on the proven work Siemens has accomplished in other transportation markets.”Thales and Siemens solution will be tested aboard a flight trial with an undisclosed airline in early 2012 to validate a wide variety of Media4Sky features in the international market. The trial will feature distribution of content to more than forty different device types with Thales’s GateSync solution automatically updating content aboard without manual content loading.Siemens CMT Vice President of Technology, Dr. Gerald Schreiber commented, “Thales’ high performance, open architecture aircraft hardware, its media integration services and its world-wide sales and support network is the perfect partner to bring this exciting technology to airline passengers worldwide.”

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