Taqnia Space to expand IFC services following additional capacity gains

Saudi Arabia’s Taqnia Space (TSC) has signed a multi-year contract with Eutelsat for additional capacity to expand in-flight connectivity services.

The agreement includes incremental multi-transponder wide-beam capacity on the EUTELSAT 70B satellite as well as the fifth HTS spotbeam on EUTELSAT 3B, on which it already operates the four others.

With this new capacity, TSC will be able to add more space assets to its high-density bandwidth coverage over MENA and Europe, and offer in-flight connectivity services over Central and South-East Asia for the first time.

Abdullah Al-Osaimi, CEO of Taqnia Space, commented, “Over the last few years, in-flight connectivity has become a must-have for passengers looking for an ever-improving air travel experience that allows them to carry on using their digital devices without disruption. By extending the contract with Eutelsat on EUTELSAT 3B and adding new capacity over a wider area through leased resources on EUTELSAT 70B, we are certain that we can deliver a high-quality response to the exponential requirements of the airlines we partner with and ensure continuous global connectivity service.”

Written by: Alexander Preston

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