SWISS reveals new cabin interior for Boeing 777-300ERs

SWISS, which is set to take delivery of the first of nine new Boeing 777-300ERs in January 2016, has released details about how the long-haul aircraft will be configured as well as confirming all nine will be equipped with an in-flight connectivity (IFC) solution provided by Panasonic.
The twinjets, which will be deployed on routes to and from Asia, South America and the US West Coast, will seat 340 passengers across 3 seating classes (8 in first class, 62 in business class and 270 in economy).
The cabin interior design for the new aircraft was carried out by PriestmanGoode, which also came up with the concept for SWISS’ A330 first class cabin in 2009.
The first class seat will be transformable into the occupant’s own private suite that includes a 32-inch touchscreen monitor, which SWISS claims is the largest in the industry. SWISS First guests will also enjoy electrically-adjustable window blinds and their own personal wardrobe. PriestmanGoode said it used acoustic materials including soft walls, woven fabric bulkheads and curtain screens to ensure a quieter cabin.
In business class, SWISS passengers will be able to adjust the firmness of their seat as well as converting it into a lie-flat bed that is over two metres long. PriestmanGoode’s key features include headphone hangers and straps for storing tablets or magazines.
Outside the regular cabin service, all SWISS economy passengers will be able to make use of a self-service kiosk offering a wide range of drinks and snacks.
“With our new Boeing 777-300ERs we will be setting new benchmarks in terms of our guests’ overall comfort and travel experience,” explained SWISS CEO, Harry Hohmeister. “And on top of that, with their state-of-the-art engines, our new twinjets will give us substantial savings in fuel consumption and carbon emissions terms.”
“SWISS has always been a world class airline, and their commitment to the passenger is exemplary. We are very happy to have worked with them again, enhancing our previous award-winning design to create an even better, more comfortable experience. We took inspiration from Switzerland’s design and craft heritage, as well as SWISS’ own brand identity, including the airline’s headquarters and flagship lounges in Zurich,” remarked Nigel Goode, co-founding director of PriestmanGoode. “The resulting cabins are luxurious, elegant and timeless with a lightness of touch, precise craftsmanship and attention to detail that embody the SWISS brand.”
SWISS estimates the introduction of these new aircraft will also result in the creation of 360 new cabin crew jobs over the few next years.

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