SwiftBroadband capacity set to double

Inmarsat says it will enable up to four channels of its SwiftBroadband high-speed aeronautical service for use on a single aircraft from October 2011, doubling the current two-channel capacity and enabling airlines to, for example, dedicate one channel to operational use in the cockpit while using the other three for passenger connectivity in the cabin.

Inmarsat has also announced the activation of the 1,000th SwiftBroadband channel, a milestone that makes it the company’s fastest growing aeronautical service. More than 20 airlines are already using or have committed to use SwiftBroadband, the satellite operator says, more than double the number committed to any other connectivity solution in the market.

“These are exciting times for Inmarsat and SwiftBroadband,” says Lars Ringertz, head of marketing for Inmarsat’s aeronautical services. “We continue to enhance the SwiftBroadband service, both technically and commercially, to ensure it meets and exceeds the needs of air transport customers. And we have continued to innovate, with the new SB200 service and range of new data streaming capabilities. As a result, we have seen more interest from airlines that want a connectivity solution that offers a realistic match to their needs today.

“Looking ahead, Inmarsat’s recent announcement about the Global Xpress service has further reassured the airlines and customers that Inmarsat will be able to provide an additional growth path if and when the need arises in the future.”

The company says government, business and air transport aircraft are using SwiftBroadband for applications ranging from intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) to corporate communications and passenger Internet services.

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