STG installs WhiteHawk LED lighting on Swiss

STG Aerospace has completed the first five aircraft installations of its new long-life WhiteHawk replacement LED lighting system with Swiss International Air Lines.The deal, signed earlier this year as part of a major order from the carrier, means the industry’s first ever ‘swap-out/swap-in’ LED lighting system will be retrofitted across the airline’s 20-strong Avro RJ100 fleet, replacing existing unreliable fluorescent tubes.“The first Avro RJ 100 aircraft kit installation was completed by two engineers in just two hours with no problems and with complete client satisfaction,” commented STG Aerospace’s chief executive, Richard Moore. “It was all so straightforward and the benefits so immediately obvious to Swiss that they have asked to accelerate the remaining installations.”The long-life LED units directly replace conventional fluorescent tubes, which require frequent replacement. Installation is carried out by removing the fluorescent tubes and fitting the WhiteHawk LED tubes, with no modification to the existing ballast units or lamp holders.For operators, STG Aerospace claims that WhiteHawk offers the lower power consumption and increased reliability of an LED system with the added benefit of removing the maintenance burden of fluorescent tube replacement. For both passengers and crew, the LED lighting aims to create a better quality and consistency of light when compared to fluorescent lighting.“WhiteHawk is a real breakthrough in cabin lighting for us. We carried out a thorough evaluation of all available systems and were impressed by the reduction in maintenance burden and improved cabin appearance delivered by STG’s new product,” explained Aircraft Systems Engineer at Swiss International Air Lines, György Filep. “WhiteHawk has already demonstrated its benefits, so we look forward to completing the changeover in our RJ100 fleet”.

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