STG certified to retrofit SSUL on Airbus A320 family aircraft

STG Aerospace (STG) has received certification from the FAA and EASA to retrofit the latest version of its saf-Tglo photoluminescent emergency floor path marking system, SuperSeal UltraLite (SSUL), on Airbus A320 family aircraft.
Marcus Williams, STG Aerospace’s global sales and marketing director, commented, “SSUL builds on the outstanding success of our saf-Tglo product range. Securing EASA and FAA approval for the successful Airbus A320 family now allows operators of these aircraft to install the latest next-generation emergency exit lighting solution helping to save significant costs, both operational and maintenance, compared with electrical systems.”
The latest generation SSUL incorporates all the features of earlier saf-Tglo designs while being 70% lighter and 17% brighter. The solution is manufactured in one-piece lengths that can be easily cut to fit and sealed during installation. Carpet edges can also be concealed with the OverCarpet housing option that removes the need for carpet binding, saving further cost.

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