STG Aerospace retrofits liTeMood on Copa Airlines B737-800

Copa Airlines has become the first airline in Latin America to install the liTeMood retrofit LED lighting system from STG Aerospace, introducing the solution on one of its Boeing 737-800 aircraft.
“As the first ever liTeMood installation in Latin America, this is an important win for STG Aerospace and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to work closely with Copa Airlines going forward,” commented Marcus Williams, director of sales and marketing for STG Aerospace. “With the Latin American aviation industry continuing to exhibit strong growth and representing a strategically important market for us, we’re keen to promote liTeMood’s many benefits across the region.”
Copa decided to retrofit its B737-800 with STG Aerospace’s liTeMood system to bring the cabin interior into line with the rest of its 737NG fleet, which is installed with Boeing Sky Interior.
STG Aerospace claims that liTeMood weighs up to 40kg lighter than original-fit fluorescent lighting and consumes 70% less power, increasing both the aircraft’s fuel and electrical efficiency.

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