Solar Impulse: The first aircraft with nose-to-tail connectivity

Solar Impulse 2 HB-SIB is using SITA OnAir’s satellite connectivity system throughout its round-the-world flight for all pilot voice and data communications as well as live weather updates and real-time aircraft monitoring.
SITA ONAir provides the Solar Impulse aircraft with Inmarsat SwiftBroadband-based satellite technology and together with thousands of sensors on the aircraft, mean that it has reliable and consistent communications at all times throughout its flight.
“Uniquely, SITA OnAir brings together expertise of all the elements needed for nose-to-tail connectivity,” said Ian Dawkins, CEO of SITA OnAir. “These include ground and in-flight connectivity, cockpit data services and air traffic management solutions, aircraft communications and infrastructure solutions, as well as application development for both passengers and crew. On top of that, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure aircraft are fully integrated into airlines’ IT infrastructure.”
As well as the performance data covering all aspects of the aircraft’s flight, the system also allows real-time video streaming for the public.
“Solar Impulse is driving the next generation of aviation technology,” said Dawkins. “It is a great accolade to SITA OnAir to be involved. This shows that innovations are already filtering through to commercial aviation. It is absolutely clear that nose-to-tail connectivity is a reality.”

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