SmartTray takes to the skies with InterJet

InterJet has become the firstMexicancommercial passenger airline to fly with SmartTray onboard its Airbus 320 aircraft.

The deployment is the result of a collaboration with aircraft seating services company AirPac Enterprises and CIT Aerospace, an aircraft financing services company.Dennis Markert, director of new business development for Astronics, said, “We are delighted to have taken part in this deployment of SmartTray with AirPac and CIT. Passengers instantly appreciate the simplicity and usefulness of SmartTray which allows them to multi-task without juggling PEDs, drinks, food, and other personal items, making it a more productive and comfortable inflight experience.”SmartTray tables feature an integrated, proprietary expandable groove mechanism that automatically expands and retracts to the thickness of Passenger Electronic Devices (PEDs) and smartphones. This configuration allows passengers to use their electronic devices inflight hands-free while freeing up much needed tray table space for other items and providing a significant improvement in comfort and convenience over conventional aircraft tray tables.Lisa Rajic, president and chief executive officer of AirPac said, “We’re very excited to collaborate with Astronics in deployment of the SmartTray. As a leader in aircraft seating services, AirPac appreciates Astronics’ innovative power and entertainment solutions that dovetail nicely with our shared commitment to passenger comfort and an exceptional inflight experience. We both see SmartTray as a sizable opportunity for us to work together. Airlines routinely replace tray tables, so why not provide a better traveller experience in the process?” added Rajic.

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