SmartTray debuts expandable groove technology for PEDs

SmartTray International (SmartTray) has come up with a solution to combat passenger anxiety created by trays with built-in personal electronic device (PED) stands which take up most of the space on traditional food tray tables.
The company’s next generation expandable groove technology, which has been deployed across SmartTray’s X1, X2 and X4 products, expands and retracts automatically to the thickness of the passenger's PED, accommodating a protective device case if necessary.
Nick Pajic, SmartTray’s president and CEO, claims the expandable groove technology facilitates “maximum flexibility and convenience for air travellers, ensuring superior ergonomics and enhanced end-to-end in-flight experience.”
“We are seeing very strong year-end demand as airlines focus on deploying end-to-end ‘bring your own device’ solutions throughout their fleets for 2015 and beyond,” Pajic continued. “An entire aircraft can be retrofitted overnight, making the upgrade affordable to both legacy and low-cost airlines.”
SmartTray has retrofit options with licensed partners and is currently working with major seat OEMs on line-fit solutions.

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