SmartSky Networks chooses Satcom Direct as exclusive service provider

Satcom Direct has been announced as the exclusive service provider for SmartSky Networks’ 4G LTE-based wireless network for business aviation, which is due to be rolled out in 2016.
The Satcom Direct Router (SDR) that provides passengers with multiple Wi-Fi access points and allows them to manage all of the communications systems on-board the aircraft – including use of smartphones to text and talk in-flight – has been approved for use with SmartSky Networks’ service.
“Satcom Direct is a recognised industry leader in business aircraft connectivity and we are proud to partner with them as our exclusive subscription reseller,” commented CEO and chairman of SmartSky Networks Haynes Griffin. “Last month at NBAA, future SmartSky 4G subscribers told us they were delighted that we’re integrating our office-like airborne internet experience with the trusted customer support they’ve come to expect from a Satcom Direct relationship.”
The patented technology from SmartSky Networks, which uses 60 MHz of spectrum for its Air-To-Ground data communications, is set to provide connectivity more than 10 times faster than other networks currently in the market.
Jim Jensen, Satcom Direct’s CEO, remarked, “As a company based on innovation, we’re pleased to be associated with this new technology. We pride ourselves on bringing new solutions to our customers, and SmartSky is a valuable addition to our portfolio.”
This follows the announcement at NBAA convention that Satcom Direct is the only organisation approved to provide activation, customer support and billing for the SmartSky Network.

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