SITA OnAir offers EFB Weather solution

SITA OnAir has launched its EFB Weather solution that delivers real-time data on hazardous weather conditions such as turbulence, ice and thunderstorms directly to pilots’ Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs).

EFB Weather offers pilots a graphically-optimised 4D view of live weather patterns covering both horizontal and vertical planes and shows the direction the weather front is moving. Such a picture aims to give pilots the flexibility to alter routes, optimise flight times and fuel consumption and give passengers a smoother flight experience.

EFB Weather has been designed to be ubiquitous, making it straightforward for airlines to equip all their aircraft despite different aircraft types having mixed connectivity solutions. The system operates over broadband or a narrowband ACARS link using advanced optimisation and compression technology and can be updated at the gate using a 3G or 4G mobile phone data link.

EFB Weather is also compatible with any EFB hardware, including both Apple and Windows devices, as well as the major avionics systems. It is integrated into the A429 avionics bus to receive aircraft data.

"EFB Weather helps airlines to cut costs and improve the passenger experience, retaining a focus on safety," said Ian Dawkins, CEO of SITA OnAir. "These three tenets are the foundation of our entire approach to the connected aircraft. We already provide the widest portfolio of nose-to-tail connectivity products and solutions, and our pipeline for new products includes innovative technology that will help airlines realize the full potential of their new generation aircraft.

“The fact that EFB Weather can operate over both ACARS from the SITA side and OnAir broadband is a very clear illustration of our ambition. As we launch more and more elements of the connected aircraft, you will see this becoming a firm trend,” Dawkins concluded.

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