Singapore Airlines to offer Ramen Keisuke on selected flights

Singapore Airlines has formed a six-month collaboration with Ramen Keisuke to serve its Japanese ramen creations on selected flights from 1 October 2019.

Ramen Keisuke, founded by celebrity chef Keisuke Takeda, is known for its signature ramen creations and passengers onboard select SIA flights will be able to look forward to four speciality dishes on rotation.

The dishes have been curated with chefs from SIA and Ramen Keisuke to ensure the authenticity of the traditional Japanese dish is delivered to a high quality, involving multiple rounds of testing and simulation conducted over a six month period in Japan and Singapore in order to ensure the original tastes of the dishes are retained at the high-altitudes of the in-flight environment.

The airline gave the example that this included fine-tuning the recipe and blanching time in order to retain the chewy texture of the ramen noodles, utilising sous vide cooking to ensure the chicken meat stays tender, and sourcing high-quality ingredients such as pork from Spain.

“We are excited to have this opportunity to delight our customers with Chef Keisuke’s well-loved, award-winning ramen creations,” said SIA’s senior vice-president customer experience, Yeoh Phee Teik, adding that “meticulous attention” has been paid to “ensure the bowl of ramen tastes as good in the air as it does in a Ramen Keisuke restaurant.”

First Class - Keisuke Lobster Ramen (front) and Keisuke Tonkotsu Ramen (back)

“For the first time, Ramen Keisuke’s signature ramens will be served to customers at 30,000 feet, bringing the taste of authentic Japanese comfort food from the ground to the air,” said Keisuke Takeda, founder of Ramen Keisuke. “We are honoured to have this exciting opportunity to feature our ramen on one of the best airlines in the world.”

The ramen dishes will be offered in business class on select Japan routes, and available via ‘Book the Cook’ for first class and business class customers for selected flights departing Singapore.

The four Ramen Keisuke speciality dishes on rotation include:

  • Keisuke Tonkotsu Ramen, which features a creamy pork broth with sliced pork, cloud ear fungus and spring onion
  • Keisuke Lobster Ramen, which features a rich lobster broth with sliced chicken, bamboo shoot, cloud ear fungus, leek and yuzu
  • Keisuke Miso Ramen, which features a creamy miso flavoured pork broth with sliced pork, cloud ear fungus and spring onion
  • Keisuke Niboshi Ramen, which features a smoky dried sardine and pork broth with sliced pork, fish cake, bamboo shoot and spring onion
Image: Singapore Airlines collaborates with Ramen Keisuke. Business Class – Keisuke Lobster Ramen (front) and Keisuke Tonkotsu Ramen (back).
Image inset: First Class – Keisuke Lobster Ramen (front) and Keisuke Tonkotsu Ramen (back)

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