SES orders its first all-electric propulsion satellite from Boeing

SES has ordered its 12th satellite from Boeing – SES-15 – which will enable the company’s airline customers to provide in-flight entertainment and in-flight Wi-Fi over North America, Central America and the Caribbean.
SES-15 is a 702SP satellite (the newest in Boeing’s portfolio, with SP standing for small platform), and will be SES’ first all-electric propulsion satellite. All-electric propulsion minimises spacecraft launch mass and maximises available payload.
The lightweight 702SP also features a next-generation avionics architecture, which simplifies operations and provides improved access to data for evaluation of the spacecraft’s health.
Boeing will build SES-15 in El Segundo as a Ku- and Ka-band satellite. Scheduled for delivery in 2017, it will include up to an 8 kW payload.
702SP satellites are designed to provide 15 or more years of satellite service with additional fuel capacity to enable multiple station changes over the life of the satellite.
Martin Halliwell, chief technical officer at SES, commented, “The procurement of SES-15 will strengthen our position in the important North American government and mobility markets. The hybrid payload with wide beams and high throughput capacity gives aeronautical, maritime and governmental customers unprecedented flexibility to develop next generation data services.”

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