Scoot pax can use PEDs gate-to-gate

From 1 September Scoot Airlines (Scoot) will allow the use of Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) gate-to-gate after the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) updated its regulations in line with changes made by leading aviation authorities in other parts of the world.

CEO of Scoot Campbell Wilson commented, "We're pleased that CAAS regulations now allow guests expanded use of their PEDs. Increasingly, consumers use their own devices for entertainment, whether with content they've preloaded or that they're streaming from onboard services such as our ScooTV.”

Scoot passengers will be allowed to use small PEDs, such as tablets, smartphones and e-readers from take-off through to landing, but laptops will still have to remain stowed at the beginning and the of the flight.

CAAS have specified that voice communications using mobile phones is still strictly prohibited on Singaporean airlines, citing the possibility that the strong signal required may interfere with aircraft systems.

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