Scoot introduces Social-Lite low-fare IFC option

Scoot has teamed up with Panasonic Avionics to provide passengers with a new in-flight Wi-Fi service, Social-Lite, which is optimised for messaging and chat services as well as light web browsing.
“Our fun-loving guests have told us several times that they love our unlimited data Wi-Fi plans! Sometimes though, all they want is to send off a quick text to friends and family to let them know when they will arrive, or to not miss out on conversations with their friends and chat groups,” commented Steven Greenway, Scoot’s head of commercial. “We then realised there was a gap to fill, and since Scoot exists to give our guests the choice to pay for only what matters to them, ‘Social-Lite’ was born. It is affordable and perfect for most of our guests who love to stay constantly connected but only require quick messaging or chatting on the go.”
Social-Lite costs US$5 for 20MB of data at 64kbps, complementing Scoot’s existing in-flight connectivity tariffs on its Boeing 787 fleet priced at US$11.95 for one hour, US$16.95 for three hours and US$21.95 for 24-hours without any cap on data consumed.
“Working with Scoot, we’ve changed the game in in-flight connectivity to give guests more choices. They can opt for a broadband experience or, if they prefer, pay less for quick texting or light email services to contact friends or loved ones on ground,” added David Bruner, VP global communications services, Panasonic Avionics Corporation.
The update follows last year’s product enhancement enabled by Scoot’s transition to an all-787 Dreamliner fleet, including a refreshed in-flight entertainment offering, ScooTV, that streams movies and television shows to guests’ personal devices.

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