Scandinavian Avionics to supply Pegasus Airlines with EFBs

Pegasus Airlines has signed a deal with Scandinavian Avionics (SA) to use the company’s electronic flight bag (EFB) solution on its Boeing 737-NG aircraft.
SA design, manufacture and certify tailored EFB solutions in-house, with Pegasus choosing to use 2 ruggedized 10.1 inch Panasonic tablets and Scandinavian Avionics’ tablet power solution on the new additions to its fleet.
“An Electronic Flight Bag solution benefits any airline or aircraft operator by reducing weight on board and by saving time on updating the physical charts in the flight bag as well as gaining operational benefits with connectivity,” explains Michael Truelson, SA’s President.
Truelson continued, “As opposed to other EFB solutions with expensive hardware and high certification costs, we have developed a future proof concept that enables the aircraft operator to use commercial windows based tablet as the EFB display. The developments within commercial tablets are running way faster than the traditional EFB hardware and with our solution the operator can continuously upgrade the EFB display to the most current model at low certification costs.”
“Streamlining our operation, the utilization of new technology is important in optimizing our daily processes, both today and in the future as we continue to expand,” added Ridvan Goktay, technical consultant for Pegasus.

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