Satcom1 introduces in-flight TV service

Satcom1 has officially launched its new Satcom1.TV service, which transmits channels via an internet connection using the AvioIP software suite and a router installation.
The company uses the latest AvioIP software, version 2.6, as it features the aggregation of up to four SwiftBroadband channels, providing up to 1.8 Mbps data speed.
The Satcom1.TV service can be delivered to anyone who has a router platform with the Satcom1 AvioIP software 2.6 installed on-board, combined with Inmarsat SwiftBroadband, Ku-band or Ka-band (coming in 2016). On top of that, Satcom1 must be contracted as an airtime provider by the client. The B/E Aerospace router, eConnect, is the first to install the new 2.6 AvioIP software, but it’s also possible to upgrade the AR250 legacy router from Cobham to AvioIP version 2.6.
Satcom1 completed the first installation and activation of Satcom1.TV in March on a head-of-state Airbus A340 and has already been contracted to equip two more Airbus aircraft with AvioIP version 2.6 in June 2015, which will also include Satcom1.TV service incorporation.
Karina Larsen, VP and co-founder, Satcom1, stated, “I am extremely proud of Satcom1’s team, who has made the Satcom1.TV network fully operational on 800 kbps data speed by using only 2 aggregated SwiftBroadband channels.”
“We expect that our customer base will switch into new, much faster and robust satellite solutions, like Inmarsat Ka-Band or Exede In the Air Ka-band by ViaSat in the coming years. Since Satcom1 has its own ready-to-use IPTV solution, we can easily exceed customers’ needs with more bandwidth,” Larsen continued. “High-Definition IPTV will be a natural evolution of today’s Satcom1.TV – once new Ka-band networks are officially in service, the customers will be able to enjoy their favourite channels in superior quality, wherever they fly.”

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