Satcom Direct to acquire Airbus DS SatCom Government, Inc.

Satcom Direct Communications, Inc. (Satcom Direct) has entered into a purchase agreement to acquire Airbus DS SatCom Government, Inc. (ASGI) to expand its offerings to the US government sector.
ASGI, the government satellite communications business unit of Airbus Defense and Space for the US market, will operate as a subsidiary of Satcom Direct. The purchase agreement includes acquisition of ASGI’s business operations as well as two satellite earth stations located on the East and West Coasts of the US.
“Combining the two organisations provides distinct synergies, allowing for a greater support infrastructure as well as enhanced capabilities, technology and expertise to our respective US government customers,” said David Greenhill, Satcom Direct’s president. “The acquisition will also provide an increased ability to competitively offer fixed and mobile satellite services in Ku, Ka, L, C, and X bands in multiple markets, especially aviation.”
The deal has been submitted to the US authority and is expected to close within the next few months.

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