SAS to equip RAVE IFE on line-fit and retrofit aircraft

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has selected Zodiac Inflight Innovations, formerly The IMS Company, to install the RAVE in-flight entertainment (IFE) system on seven retrofit aircraft (A330’s/A340’s) and four similarly configured long-range line-fit aircraft.

“RAVE was the best choice in terms of total cost of ownership for SAS,” commented Johan Mägi, Head of Onboard Product & Services at SAS. “RAVE meets all our requirements concerning innovation, enhanced passenger experience, cost, weight and maintenance. It is user friendly both for passengers and our crew members.”

“This will not only expand the RAVE product line and customer base, but will bring a fresh outlook on affordability and choice to the line-fit market,” explained Larry Girard, Executive Vice President of Business Development for Zodiac Inflight Innovations.

SAS aims to be flying with RAVE in early 2015.

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