SAS introduces Wi-Fi and GSM inflight services

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has launched SASWiFi, a service offering passengers Internet access and use of GSM phones in-flight with an aim to equip the first aircraft in a matter of days.

Following the contract signed in the summer between Scandinavian Airlines and Panasonic to offer WiFi and GSM using Panasonic’s eXconnect and eXphone systems, the carrier now plans to offer a solution designed for passenger ease of use and convenience by using their own personal laptops, smartphones, GSM mobile phones and tablets onboard. The SASWiFi Internet service will initially be offered free of charge to all passengers.Scandinavian Airlines’s Boeing 737-800 fleet will be the first to be equipped with WiFi onboard, with the first flights being domestic within Norway; flights to and from Oslo and Stockholm, Frankfurt, Paris and other European cities. In summer 2012, SAS aims to equip ten B737-800s with WiFi, while in the future WiFi will also be offered on all short-haul and intercontinental routes."We’re always trying to find innovative ways of improving the flight experience for our customers. This is why we’re happy to be able to offer broadband WiFi services, along with GSM telephony and wireless entertainment, as we know that these are services our customers have really been asking for," declared Chief Commercial Office at Scandinavian Airlines, Robin Kamark. "We’ve chosen a supplier that has extensive experience of delivering in-flight entertainment systems and we’re sure that we’ve made a good strategic choice."SASWiFi Internet services offer a shared connection of 12 Mbps, which includes full Internet connection and online shopping. The next phase will also include films, videos, games, information about the destination and services that can be booked for the destination, including taxis, hotel reservations, etc. From 2012 Scandinavian Airlines will also offer GSM and GPRS telephony, which will allow passengers to send and receive SMS texts, use GPRS and also make and receive calls.

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