Row 44 launches wireless VoD offering

Row 44 has announced a new wireless video-on-demand (VoD) service that provides airlines with or without in-flight connectivity a library of on-demand movies, television episodes, and bookable destination services via passengers’ Wi-Fi enabled devices.

The VoD service is independent of Row 44’s In-flight Broadband Entertainment Platform but can be upgraded to include connectivity and other broadband services. The strategy behind Row 44’s design of this standalone Wi-Fi entertainment service is to give airlines a low-cost opportunity to deliver personalised in-flight entertainment on passengers’ own Wi-Fi devices. Row 44 claims that with the broadband solution, airlines can install this lower-cost Wi-Fi offering and inexpensively scale up to Row 44’s full-scale Broadband Entertainment Platform at any time.
"Uncoupling Row 44’s video-on-demand solution from our In-Flight Broadband Entertainment Platform means that even an airline not yet ready to commit to broadband connectivity can still offer passengers a personalized in-flight entertainment experience, delivered right to their own Wi-Fi devices,” commented Travis Christ, Chief Sales Officer for Row 44. “This standalone VoD offering will also enable an airline to scale up quickly and cost-effectively to full broadband connectivity when they are ready."
"Leveraging their passengers’ own smart phones and laptops also means airlines can offer this entertainment service without having to incur the cost, weight and installation time of adding legacy in-flight entertainment hardware such as seatback screens,” added Mr Christ.

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