Routehappy and KAYAK simplify flight amenity comparisons

Travellers will soon find it easier to be able to view and compare amenities by flight, following an agreement between Routehappy, the product differentiation platform for air travel and KAYAK,a travel search engine.

Under the agreement, Routehappy’s Scores & Amenities data will be integrated into KAYAK search results. The data – aircraft, seat, layout, Wi-Fi, entertainment, power, and fresh food – is researched and verified by aircraft, cabin, schedule, and route on a constant basis from hundreds of sources to create Flightpad, a comprehensive, accurate comparable product dataset for flights worldwide.Based on those datasets, the Flightmatch tool dynamically matches and scores aircraft, seat, amenities, and duration for billions of possible flight combinations.“Air travel becomes more differentiated every day, with airlines investing billions of dollars in upgrading and evolving product and fare offerings, fundamentally changing how people shop for flights. Airlines and distributors need data and a platform to manage this product differentiation,” said Robert Albert, Routehappy CEO. “We created Scores & Amenities and Routehappy Hub to help airlines and distributors manage the growing array of products and options flyers are offered.”

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