Rockwell Collins’ iPod touch/iPhone remote app for CMS

Rockwell Collins has announced CabinRemote, a new application which will now transform the Apple iPhone or an iPod touch into a full, two-way remote for the Venue cabin management system (CMS).

CabinRemote is available for both forward-fit and aftermarket aircraft equipped with Venue. The application provides real-time control of all Venue audio-video systems, as well as aircraft lighting, shades, and many other functions from any location in the cabin. For aircraft equipped with a Rockwell Collins Media Center, passengers can also display the Airshow Moving Map on their device.
“The ability to easily accommodate popular consumer electronic devices is one of the most distinctive features of Venue because of its unique open systems architecture,” commented Dave Austin, vice president and general manager, Cabin Systems for Rockwell Collins. “The CabinRemote application demonstrates Venue’s ability to provide our customers with the convenience of having the same capabilities they are familiar with at home, such as the iPhone, available onboard their aircraft.”
Use of CabinRemote requires a Wireless Access Point (WAP) with a software update to Venue. Once on board the aircraft, the app automatically synchronises with the Venue system, enabling all the unique and specific functions of the aircraft.
For fleet operators with multiple Venue-equipped cabins, CabinRemote syncs with each cabin once the passenger boards the aircraft. Rockwell Collins’ new WAP-3000 system was specifically designed to seamlessly work with CabinRemote.
Rockwell Collins will be demonstrating CabinRemote at the upcoming EBACE event in Geneva, Switzerland.

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