Rockwell Collins extends Tailwind 550 satellite TV coverage

Rockwell Collins has developed new satellite reception technology for its Tailwind 550 Direct Broadcast Satellite TV offering in an aim to improve the system’s coverage and reliability on-board large business and VIP aircraft.

The new technology, which is part of Tailwind 550’s fuselage-mounted antenna, is designed to provide 25 percent greater programming coverage for all supported regions and improve overall reliability, especially where satellite coverage may be weak, and flying in hot or humid areas.
Beginning in early 2015, new Tailwind 550 systems will be delivered with the updated antenna and a drop-in replacement antenna for fielded Tailwind 550 systems will be available.
Rockwell Collins claims that the Tailwind 550 provides passengers with the broadest offering of satellite programming in the business aviation market segment, and is the only company to offer high-definition (HD) digital video (MPEG-4).

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