Rockwell Collins begins worldwide trial of MultiLink tracking system

Rockwell Collins has announced the commencement of a global trial evaluation of its MultiLink flight tracking system.

Announced in March, the nine undisclosed regional and global airlines cover Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America.

In addition to utilising Rockwell Collins’ high-frequency date Link (HFDL), ARINC’s MultiLink systems consolidates several data sources to accurately report the location of any aircraft anywhere in the world. Sources include ADS-C, ADS-B, ASDI radar data, EUROCONTROL position information and ACARS position reports, many of which are already generated by the aircraft.

The service meets the industry recommendations of accurately reporting an aircraft’s position every 15 minutes, and is designed to support flexible position reporting frequency.

“The geographic diversity of the airlines participating in this programme is very compelling,” said Yun Chong, vice president, commercial aviation services for Rockwell Collins’ information management services business. “They fly a considerable number of oceanic and polar routes, which will allow them to use ARINC MultiLink to track aircraft in some of the most remote regions in the world.”

“At the core of the ARINC MultiLink concept is the desire to take advantage of as many data feeds as possible,” continued Chong. “Having multiple data sources helps us provide a more accurate position and increases the likelihood that at least one data source will always be available. We are currently evaluating other data feeds that contain positional data that could be incorporated into the service.”

The ARINC MultiLink service is expected to enter service this Autumn, once the trial has finished.

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