Rebranded FlightPath scores design award

Seattle-based design consultancy Artefact and product development consultancy Carbon Design Group have won a bronze International Design Excellence Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) for the Pansonic Avionics neXperience in-flight entertainment concept.

Artefact and Carbon developed neXperience under its original name of FlightPath. According to Artefact the two companies collaborated with Panasonic to develop an in-flight entertainment experience that integrates relevant trip information with entertainment, providing a three-dimensional, touch-based software experience that enables passengers to travel virtually between destinations for information.

Panasonic, which itself won the International Travel Catering Association’s Mercury Award for Inspirations with FlightPath in March, describes neXperience as a concept interactive business platform that works with the aircraft’s IFEC system to offer an event-driven, location-aware and content-rich seatback environment. Presented in the context of a visual in-flight timeline to the destination, it enables content, including in-flight promotional offers and newsfeeds, to be customised in line with each passenger’s preferences.

For airlines, the company adds, neXperience can offer new revenue opportunities, particularly when coupled with real-time broadband connectivity. Examples include advertising and shopping opportunities targeted on the basis of location, destination, activity or preferences.

"neXperience keeps passengers engaged, improves the workflow for the cabin crew and offers enhanced revenue or branding opportunities for airlines," comments Panasonic product management director Steve Gladstone. "It is the ultimate in-flight application."

The IDSA award credits Martijn Van Tilburg, Jennifer Darmour, Scott Smith, Josh Hinds and Daniel Goddemeyer of Artefact, and Markus Wierzoch, Joe Sullivan and Fernd van Engelen of Carbon Design Group.

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