RAVE IFE reaches a century of installations

Zodiac Inflight Innovations has achieved the milestone of installing its RAVE Centric embedded AVOD in-flight entertainment (IFE) system on ahundred aircraft.

RAVE Centric was first introduced in 2008 and is now flying on 23 airlines around the world. The IFE system is qualified to Airbus, Boeing and DO-160 requirements.
RAVE Centric is a lightweight modular system, providing airlines with IFE choices for their passengers in each cabin. Options range from screen size to passenger control units and customisable jacks that can be arranged with various audio jack configurations and USB charging ports. Furthermore, each seat is independent, so a failure in one seat will not impact another; the patented dockable seat display means the crew can replace the seat display during the flight.
RAVE IFE provides passengers with app-based browsing for on-demand movies, TV shows, music, radio and a moving map. Capacitive touch, high resolution screens are embedded in the seats and the intuitive Graphical User Interface mirrors smartphones and tablets. The integrated USB charger can be used to power personal electronic devices, and the screen includes an audio jack for headphones.

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