Qantas app incorporates PressReader

Qantas has expanded its suite of entertainment offerings by integrating PressReader, the world’s largest newspaper and magazine platform, into the Qantas app.
The development allows passengers to download a choice of content from up to 4,000 regional, national and international titles in more than 60 languages before their flight.
“Many people use flights as a way to catch up with their reading, so this new service opens up a huge library of titles for people to choose from before they take off,” commented Olivia Wirth, Qantas group executive, brand, marketing and corporate affairs. “We built PressReader into the existing Qantas app to make it easier for customers to manage all parts of the journey through the one application.”
Passengers can download PressReader content through the Qantas app up to 24 hours prior to departure. Once the ‘Download Newspapers and Magazines’ tile on their Qantas Airways app trip timeline appears, they have 12 hours of unlimited access to download content. After content is downloaded to their iOS or Android device, it will be stored and ready to read any time.
Igor Smirnoff, PressReader’s CCO, said, “We’re experiencing tremendous growth. In recent months, we’ve added over 1,000 publications to our ever-expanding offering. PressReader is fast becoming a must have travel companion, so we hope Qantas customers enjoy using it.”
In an attempt to improve passenger experience, Qantas also recently implemented a new in-flight entertainment programme, giving customers more and more regular, in-depth news coverage.

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