PMG rewards personnel with promotions

Post Modern Group (PMG) has announced the promotions of Kate Groth (photo: top) from Manager of Marketing to Director of Programming Services at AMP International. Kristine Bradshaw (photo: bottom left) has been appointed to the position of Marketing Manager, previously managing customer service, and Shafin Virji (photo: bottom right) has been appointed to assume most of Kristine’s prior client service responsibilities in his new role as Customer Service Representative.

In Kate Groth’s new capacity as Director of Programming Services at AMP, she will supervise all aspects of content sourcing, acquisition and programming for all airline and cruise line clients. Her new responsibilities will also include managing Singapore Airlines’ movies and television programming contracts. She will be working closely with AMP Executive Vice President, Christelle Cuenca, as well as the Operations and Marketing teams. Kate’s IFE career began with eight years at Qantas, during which time the airline migrated to digital platforms and developed its award-winning Q entertainment brand. In 2006 she moved to the content supply side of the industry working in senior account management positions at Stellar Inflight and Interact prior to joining PMG.
In the position of Marketing Manager, Kristine Bradshaw will work closely with Janice Daniello, SVP, Marketing, and assist all PMG divisions with client development as well as marketing and promotion of the company’s services. Kristine’s IFE career began at Spafax in 2006 where she gained two years IFE operations experience before joining PME in 2008 to manage customer service. Prior to entering the IFE world she held a Regional Sales & Marketing Manager position where her responsibilities included program design and implementation as well as maintaining customer loyalty in a seven-state region. During her three years at PME she has demonstrated her expertise in communications, building business relationships and project management, as well as her strengths in the technical aspects of IFE content delivery.
Before his new role as Customer Service Representative, Shafin Virji was the Machine Room Supervisor having been with PME since 2006, demonstrating his managerial talent in building an exceptionally strong production team with a focus on teamwork, quality and strict adherence to timelines. Last year he began to transition into Customer Service and has assumed account responsibilities.
“We are proud to be able to promote these three staff members who have proved their strengths to us in the caliber of work they are currently doing for our customers,” stated Amir Samnani, Chief Operating Officer of Post Modern Group.

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