Phitek to unveil wireless content delivery solution at AIX 2016

Phitek Systems is planning to present a new wireless content delivery solution alongside its premium headphones and patented magnetic connectors at the upcoming Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg, Germany.
The company says its new system will offer the ability for passengers to stream films and TV as well as access digital newspapers or airline magazines, games and duty-free shopping on their personal electronic devices, all while experiencing airline branding and advertising.
Phitek’s solution claims to use compact on-board hardware with inbuilt redundancy to prevent plane-wide in-flight entertainment (IFE) outages. It is battery operated to reduce the requirement for aircraft modifications.
The system can be offered as a wrap-around solution including hardware, entertainment content, airport logistics for loading and unloading of content and battery charging.
Phitek has also devised a method to provide jacks of any shape (including obround, square and triangle) with any combination of audio and power to suit airlines’ needs, which it will be introducing at AIX as its ‘mix and match’ solution. The aim is to allow airlines to choose variations of function and form with minimal upfront investment and a fast lead time to delivery.
Audio can be delivered through the traditional ARINC pin configurations, or through the patented Phitek magnetic connector, while USB power can be provided on a separate jack or in the same jack as the audio. Active noise cancelling technology can also be embedded into any Phitek jack. Other embedded features could include headphone power, A1 pin switching, and auto-pause.

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