Phitek receives EASA Part 21G certification

Phitek has received Part 21G certification from the European Airline Safety Agency (EASA).
The company also received an AS9100 qualification in November 2015, meaning it’s now in a position to offer customers its patented connector solution already certified to aviation standards.
CEO of Phitek, Roy Moody, remarked, “We are extremely proud to have achieved Part 21G and AS9100 certification; a recognition of our technical expertise in the aviation market. Achieving these certificates gives us the opportunity to offer customers our magnetic connectors which helps solve a problem many airlines have with headphone jacks.
“For example, a passenger may leave their seat and become tangled in their headphone cable. When the cable gets snagged, the angle and force of the tug often breaks the pins from the plug, leaving them inside the jack,” continued Moody. “More than half of all jack failures are caused by this problem which costs airlines millions of dollars each year in part replacement, unsold seats and maintenance downtime.”
Phitek’s magnetic connectors detect what type of headphone is plugged in, whether the headphones can support noise cancellation or not, what type of plug is used and adapts how audio is delivered.
Recognising that passengers with a strong interest in audio often bring their own headphones, the company’s design handles both old-style (pin-based) and magnetic headphone plugs. The connectors are available in a range of compatible cut-out sizes, and Phitek’s ‘mix and match’ solution allows an airline to choose variations of function and form.
“The Phitek team aims to bring intelligent design to every passenger touch-point in IFE. While our proprietary active noise-cancelling technology is now sourced by many of the major airlines and manufacturers of in-flight entertainment systems, Phitek can now offer its patented magnetic connectors as a solution from premium through to economy,” Moody concluded.

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