PGA unveils smart cabin player app

French subsidiary of Astronics Corporation, PGA Electronic (PGA), which provides business aviation clients with in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) and cabin management systems (CMS), has launched a new smart cabin player app.Clients have a choice of five different themes to customise the new app, which controls PGA’s IFE solution. Smart cabin player features a modern graphical user interface, compatible with all of PGA’s systems, whether on large screens or in-seat screens.
PGA’s full IFE/CMS offering includes audio and video on demand (AVOD) services, an HD media player, USB media player and moving map facilities.The content consists of early window films from Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Fox Studio, Walt Disney Studios, Sony and Warner Hollywood, who have all approved PGA’s AVOD solution.
The smart cabin player app will allow passengers to view brief synopses of films and categorise them however they prefer: by cover, genre or in alphabetical order, etc.
The app also gives passengers access to interactive games through the IFE system in the cabin, which have been developed in partnership with DTI software. Passengers can play the games in the cabin with a USB connected or wireless gamepad.
PGA also launched it’s new Be-Bop’tic optical fibre lighting system (pictured right) at NBAA in October, designed to highlight fixed-shell seats, doors and windows. Be-Bop’tic offers the possibility of creating colour sequences, replicating the times of day (e.g. sunset) in an effort to reduce jetlag. The lighting system can be integrated into any type of mount due to a small diameter.

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