PEW 2019: KLM selects AirFi for wireless IFE

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has become the latest European customer for AirFi’s flexible Wireless IFE systems and cabin retail technology.

AirFi will for the first time be deployed alongside existing installed IFE to enhance the experience on 13 747-400s simultaneously, following a successful trial period over recent months.

“The quality of the current in-flight entertainment in the Boeing 747-400s is no longer of the level that it should be. Because the aircraft will disappear completely from the fleet in the coming years, investing in new [embedded] systems is no longer profitable. With the AirFi system onboard, we can provide the passengers with high quality content via their own mobile devices” said Rene de Groot, COO KLM.

KLM, the world’s oldest airline operating under the same name for a century, had planned to fully retire its 747s by 2020, but by deferring its A350 deliveries last year, has given this fleet an extended active life.

“As a relative newcomer to this vibrant industry, we are honoured to have our own small part to play in the lifetime of this legendary aircraft. We are hugely proud that KLM and AirFi will become the first to deploy a full-spec portable wireless IFE system alongside an existing installed in-seat IFE system,” added Job Heimerikx, CEO AirF

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