PEW 2019: Collins Aerospace launches µLED Reading Light for aircraft cabins

Collins Aerospace has unveiled its new µLED Reading Light, which builds on the company’s portfolio of µLED lighting to offer longer-life solutions with greater weight savings.

The µLED Reading Light is a small reading and dome light that works in unison with the cabin lighting system to create scenes that add to the general cabin. This technology can adapt to different applications from a large spot, small target, nonstandard and non-uniform shapes, as well as multi-passenger applications.

With a lifespan of 40,000 hours higher than standard reading lights, one µLED Reading Light is equivalent to three or more standard reading lights. It also has the potential to double as a dome light, with full-colour options, to illuminate a row of tray tables and the passenger floor area, eliminating the need for sidewall lighting. The reduction in multiple lighting elements not only drives down weight by at least 66% percent, the company claims, but it also results in significant cost savings.

“In the long run, µLED Reading Lights can not only save airlines operational costs but can provide passengers a more individualised lighting experience throughout each portion of their flight,” said Steve Scover, general manager of Lighting Solutions, Interiors for Collins Aerospace.

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