Passengers opt for iPhones in-flight, claims Gogo

In-flight connectivity provider, Gogo, claims that passengers are more likely to use iPhones in-flight instead of Android devices.

According to a report from Gogo, passengers accessing the in-flight connectivity provider’s Wi-Fi service with Apple iPhones account for 65 percent of mobile users, while Android users account for just 12 percent. By adding iPod touch users, Apple’s iOS system accounts for 80 percent of the mobile travellers, whilst BlackBerry users account for just 6 percent with Windows and all other devices make up the remaining 2 percent of users.
"Many smartphone users simply aren’t aware that you can turn your phone service off on a Gogo equipped plane, yet still access the Internet through a Wi-Fi enabled mobile device and surf the Web, send email and access most of the features of your smartphone aside from making a phone call," declared Gogo’s chief marketing officer, Ash ElDifrawi. "It’s clear that iPhone users are ahead of the curve in understanding those capabilities, but more and more people are starting to discover how to connect using their smartphone on a plane."
ElDifrawi added, "As the number of smartphone users continues to skyrocket, we’d expect that the number of passengers using their mobile devices to access the Internet in air will also continue to grow.”

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