PARIS 2015: Hong Kong Airlines to install AirCom Pacific IFEC

Hong Kong Airlines has signed an agreement with Aircom Pacific Inc. and Klingon Aerospace which will see the carrier install Aircom Pacific’s inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) system on-board its aircraft.
Aircom Pacific, through its Taiwanese representative Klingon Aerospace, will provide Hong Kong Airlines with a solution consisting of dual Ka and Ku band antennas, using Ka band connectivity where it’s available and a Ku connection for the areas that don’t have Ka coverage.
The system offers direct streaming of TV and video across thousands of channels as well as plenty of ancillary revenue opportunities as a result of passengers being able to make real-time payments for duty free purchases. Furthermore, the IFEC solution presents deals on travel insurance, hotel booking options, rental cars and other travel services.
Stanley Kan, Hong Kong Airlines’ director, commented, “This co-operation with Aircom Pacific promises our passengers a brand new experience in the air.”
Hong Kong Airlines and Aircom Pacific also entered into a Memorandum Of Understanding relating to Aircom Pacific’s AirCinema IFE system.
“This is a major milestone for Aircom Pacific,” explained Jan-Yung Lin, Aircom Pacific’s CEO. “We are grateful that Hong Kong Airlines chose us to be their in-flight entertainment and connectivity service provider. I am sure that Hong Kong Airlines’ passengers will be amazed by Aircom Pacific’s services.”Pictured (left to right): Jan-Yung Lin, Aircom Pacific CEO; Stanley Kan, director of Hong Kong Airlines; and Daniel Shih; chairman of Klingon Aerospace.

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