Panasonic protects IFE content using Intertrust’s ExpressPlay Marlin DRM technology

Panasonic Avionics (Panasonic) has revealed that its eXW wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) system – which delivers on-board movies, music, news and in-cabin services to personal electronic devices – uses Intertrust’s ExpressPlay Marlin Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology to protect and manage in-flight content libraries.“We selected Intertrust’s ExpressPlay technology for two reasons,” remarked senior vice president of engineering for Panasonic, Laurie da Silva. “It is a proven technology used in consumer devices like TVs and consumer gaming consoles, and it meets all of our IFE specific requirements for eXW. With ExpressPlay, our customers can offer a premium wireless entertainment experience backed by robust security endorsed and approved by the leading content providers that serve our industry.”Marlin is also capable of providing offline DRM, which eliminates the need for passengers to download an airline-specific app before boarding their flight.
“Panasonic and Intertrust have worked together for years on DRM and a variety of other projects in consumer electronics and content distribution,” stated Gilles Boccon-Gibod, senior vice president and chief architect at Intertrust. “Working on building Marlin into their latest wireless IFE systems is a privilege as it puts all of the features of our Marlin technology through serious moves to build a brilliant and dynamic content distribution system for travellers.”

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